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BŎse Gedanken

27 September
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80s musik, against cruelty, against human overpopulation, against terror, animal-rights, animals, astrid lindgren, bats, bdu pants, beer, being a typical libra, boots, caustic soul, cheesy horror magazines, co-exist with wildlife, coffee, colorado, colorado avalanche, compassion toward all beings, converter, deutschrock, diary of dreams, die ärzte, donations, dragons, eddie izzard, enid blyton, environmentalism, fairy tales, falco, fashion, fiction8, fikshun, financial well-being, friends, gardening, gin & tonic, harmonious living with nature, hiking, hockey, home improvement, honesty, long skirts, loyalty, merlin, movies, my "fur" babies, my home, my tattoos, nature, newspapers, organic, powernoise, prairie dogs, psyclon nine, pumuckl, rammstein, reading, responsibility, scrapbooking, short skirts, sleep, snow, still interested? pretty things, sustainable living, suze orman, terrorfakt, the young gods, thrillers, vampires, vhemt.org, winterkaelte, witches, wizards, writing letters to friends/family, wumpscut